You are standing in a worship service, surrounded by hundreds of people from around the world, each praising the Lord in his or her native language.

To your right is a Romanian pastor. Before this week, he was all alone in his ministry, the leader of the only evangelical church in his community. He often wondered if he could continue on. Now, he is worshiping with others from his nation, whom he will partner with for years to come.

In front of you are two counselors, one Czech, the other Polish. For years, they had struggled with the same questions about their profession, but despite living only a short drive from one another, they had never met. This week, they were able to share resources and encouragement with one another, learning from experts in their field.

To your left is a fellow volunteer from another country, someone whom you have gotten to know through serving together. In the months to come, you will exchange emails and prayers. Perhaps one day you will visit them, sharing a new culture with a new friend.

For now, your voices blend together in song. Your roles have been as varied as your dialects, but you have all gathered with the same hopes: to unite as God’s people, to embrace truth, and to bring a lost continent back to Christ.


We invite you to come serve our brothers and sisters! Join us in Poland in May 2020 for the European Leadership Forum (ELF) annual meeting.


Unable to join us at this year’s annual meeting but still want to serve? Explore our year-round volunteering opportunities!